Green Building Initiatives

Home construction creates very large amounts of waste and adds additional demand on our utilites infrastructure with having to supply more homes with electricity, water, etc. New home construction is inevitable since homes must be built to meet the housing demand of an increasing population. This construction generates huge amounts of waste. From left over concrete, steel, wood material, shingles, and boxes, to drywall, wooden pallets, more boxes and left over flooring pieces. This construction waste is overwhelming from just one single family home. Consider multiple homes, and the amount of waste is becomes nearly incomprehensible. At Modern Amenity Homes, Inc. we know some of this waste can be diverted into the recycling stream thus reducing the impact on our landfills and natural resources. A large portion of waste from each new home is gathered and taken to a recycling center where the debris is sorted through by hand and introduced into the recycling stream. We believe these efforts are vital to being a good steward of our environment.